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vg-e-juiceThe benefits of 100% VG e-juice are quite obvious. You need to know that the vegetable glycerin is very good for the environment. These e-liquid options are something that can continue to help the agricultural industry. You can see how the e-liquids are not going to do a lot of damage to your throat, in fact the e-liquids can be very helpful for your throat.

You won’t see a lot of long term damage happening to your throat or lungs, You will be able to find a way to get honest quotes and details about different types of e-liquid througgh a given website or tool. A large number of websites give fairly accurate comparisons of the different e-cigarette companies out there.

The manufacturers of different e-cigs are doing everything they can to make sure their products are unique. You can see a certain amount of uniqueness with the e-liquid options out there. You are going to find some people talking about how this can be tied to things like vegetable oil as well. You may want to be able to get some vegetable oil in your car, so why not look into some veggies when you are talking about e-cigs? The e-cigs are not going to make you reluctant to smoke. People are more accepting of them at dinner parties for example. If someone whips out a traditional cigarette, you can tell them about the benefits of the Vegetable Glycerin. You need to take care of your health and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure your cigarettes can be kept safe and secure.


It always makes sense to do some comparison shopping when you are talking about different e-liquids. The different e-liquids are definitely something that can add a certain amount of spice to your smoking life. You can look at the best e-cigs as a type of smoking voyage, one that you can gain a fair amount of knowledge from. The best e-cigs are going to be able to help you relax after you get home from a stressful day at work. The stress has to be limited in your life in order to be able to get tasks done well. VG e-liquids are going to play a role in your ability to relax.

You don’t get a ton of customer service support when you are asking about traditional cigarettes. This is simply not the case when you are talking about e-cigs. Users that look into the e-cigarette industry are going to learn from the marketing mistakes that were mistakes by the traditional cigarette companies. You have to realize that people may be looking for certain cartridges when you are looking for great e-cigarette options. You do not need to follow the opinions of other people when you are deciding whether an e-cigarette is right for you. The fact of the matter is that you do have a better chance of having great dental health with these e-cigarettes. A great e-cigarette is something that can take

You do not need to follow the opinions of other people when you are deciding whether an e-cigarette is right for you. The fact of the matter is that you do have a better chance of having great dental health with these e-cigarettes. A great e-cigarette is something that can take time to develop, it can be tied to good product placement.

Jan 212016

China, currently in a fight over Daewoo Islands sovereignty with Japan, is locked in a s severe import and export crisis. Its economy has undergone severe upheaval and China is finding ways to tackle this unceremonious situation. It has propagated an unusual method and strategy to find a way out. China is keen to increase sale of locally made cigarettes and raise revenues from there.

The actual position

China, currently, has 350 million smokers. A majority of urban smokers now smoke international brands and this is not adding suggestively to Chinese coffers. Thus, there is impetus to elevate sales of local Hubei brand. The initiation of this strategy is in Gon’gam County and all inherent villages and schools have been given a sale target. Special task forces have been constituted to ensure that the process goes on smoothly. This process will gradually suffuse whole of China and, needless to say, will result in wholesome revenue if cigarette taxes are vehemently raised. Of course, the nicotine content in these cigarettes will be slightly raised to corner more number of smokers. This is amazing that while other countries are finding ways to curb cigarettes ale, China is charting an opposite route.


The backers     

Cigarettes cannot be seen in a healthy light as it causes a number of cancer types, not to mention other diseases. About 30% people involved in smoking die every year and thus, health conscious associations are ever in a tussle with cigarette encouragement. However, tobacco companies have big league backers who yield enormous lobby in the legislation houses and this is a global story. It is accordingly very hard to ban cigarettes sale. Much like casinos and liquor, cigarettes also bring in a lot of revenues as addicts generally carry the habit to their grave. Of course, cigarette sale will not make such a significant difference to Chinese economy and thus the move is almost ridiculous to a fault.

What to do 

If they are hell-bent in promoting cigarette sale, they should have turned the other way. After all, electronic cigarettes are their invention and they could have made it mandatory for various Chinese counties to sell a number of electronic cigarettes. There is minimal physical harm associated with electronic cigarettes. They don’t cause any telling damage to lungs or cardiovascular functions.

They don’t contain carcinogens, barring nitrosamines in traces. They don’t undergo combustion like traditional cigarettes and the exhaled vapor is largely water vapor and flavor. With electronic cigarettes, there is infinitely less danger to the smoker and almost no danger to passive smokers. Perhaps, the cost quotient may come in the way to make purchase mandatory. Of course, there are other ways to facilitate economy and China knows better.

The reactions

The above Chinese policy has found intense criticism from nationalists, not to suggest global health concerns and WHO. First of all, it is absurd to pressurize citizens into a deed. Secondly, there is a clear danger of death. Perhaps, China wants to streak out its excess population, being the world’s most populous country.

Jan 212016

The easiest way to make smoking a habit in the future is to start during the teenage years. It is important you understand why it is important not to pick up this habit in your teens because you must know by now – Smoking kills.


Statistics clearly point out the following:

  1. 90% of smokers in the US started smoking during their teens
  2. Around 6000 start smoking under the age of 18. It has been estimated that 2000 will continue smoking.
  3. About 6.4 million children’s lives are at stake in the future due to smoking related diseases if the tobacco use patterns are to be believed.
  4. Nicotine attracts the teenager more than the adult and even a low level of nicotine can get one addicted during their teens. This is why smoking during your teens imposes so many dangers.
  5. 60 % of smokers in the US pick it up as a habit before 13 and 90 % before 20.

The effects of smoking on teenagers are more prominent than on adults. Here’s a checklist of what can happen to you if you smoke during your teens:

  1. As a teen, you might develop bad breadth, stained teeth and you become prone to formation of cavities.
  2. Smoking leads to body odor and you might not realize the same because the US Department of Health and Human Services opines that smokers have a low sense of smell.
  3. If you have developed yellow pale skin, it might be an aftereffect of smoking. This happens because owing the smoking, oxygen cannot flow smoothly through the restricted blood vessels in the skin.
  4. Smoking definitely reduces the age span but while you are alive it even makes you look older than your age. This is very prominent for teens who might develop wrinkles around their lips due to smoking.
  5. Smoking during your teenage results in smaller lungs and hearts.
  6. Teenage smokers are more prone to respiratory ailments like cold, pneumonia, flu, bronchitis etc.
  7. In terms of maintaining physical fitness, smokers have a lot to lose and if you dream of a successful athletic career, quit smoking.

There are various causes that preaches smoking amongst teenagers :

  1. Peer Groups: To be a member of a particular peer group in high school, teenagers adopt this habit to match with their peers.
  2. Smoking is not cool: Many take this up as a trendsetter believing smoking to be cool. The rebellious nature of a teenager prompts him to take up smoking.
  3. Smokers in the family: It has been observed that in families where the father smokes, children tend to pick up the habit more easily.
  4. No future plans: Teens tend to neglect the future believing it to be a matter to be bothered about later. But habits are hard to let go once you pick it up.
  5. TV and Movies also have an influencing role when it comes to teens.

Parents can play an important role in helping teens curb smoking:

  1. Try to list down the statistics and make them aware of the statistics.
  2. Keep a tab on the community no smoking programs and try to participate.
  3. Don’t interfere – this might make him rebellious – but try being involved in his life as a friend.
  4. Organize parties for your kids and their friends so that you can keep a track of their company also.
  5. Sports can help divert a teen’s mindset. Make sure you encourage him.

Smoking amongst teens is increasing at an alarming rate and it will continue to haunt and take more lives. It’s high time we realize the risks and threats it imposes. Smoking kills and its time you take some meaning out the statutory warning mentioned in every packet. Every teen wants his share of independence and it should be propagated that independence includes taking responsibility of himself, planning for the future and understanding how to maintain a healthy life. If smoking amongst teens can be reduced, then around 800,000 new smokers can be prevented annually. This will not bring smoking to an end, but will definitely save a lot of lives.